The use of threads and yarns can be divided into several categories based on our experience:

  • Sewing: For sewing clothing, accessories, and home textiles, cotton threads, polyester threads, or blends of these materials are often used. These threads are strong, easy to sew with, and provide sufficient durability.
  • Bobbin lace: Fine cotton or linen yarns are often used for bobbin lace. These yarns have the necessary fineness and stiffness to create detailed and delicate patterns.
  • Tatting lace: Fine yarns that are easy to manipulate and allow for intricate patterns are often chosen for tatting lace. Cotton is a classic material for tatting.
  • Crocheting and knitting: Various types of yarns are used for crocheting and knitting, including acrylic, wool, cotton, and blend yarns. The choice depends on the desired appearance, temperature properties, and wearing comfort.
  • Macramé: Strong and durable yarns, such as hemp or polyester cords, are often used for macramé and other knotting techniques. These yarns allow for the creation of sturdy and stable knots.
  • Other crafts: There are many other types of crafts, and each technique requires specific types of threads or yarns that correspond to the desired appearance and workability.

However, it is important to note that this is only a basic division for quick orientation. In practice, we enjoy experimenting and using materials that are not directly intended for a specific use to create unique and interesting results.


  • Sewing

    High-quality sewing threads are an important part of your creative projects. They offer strength, durability, and easy usability. With various types of threads such as cotton threads, polyester threads, or blended materials, excellent results can be achieved. For clothing, accessories, and home textiles, choosing the right type of thread is crucial for durability and aesthetics. In our online shop,, you will find different types, materials, and a wide range of colors.

  • Bobbin Lace

    When creating bobbin lace, fine and evenly balanced threads are often used, primarily made from natural materials. These threads are thin yet strong enough to allow the creation of delicate and intricate patterns. Since bobbin lace involves complex techniques and details, it is important to choose high-quality threads that not only hold their shape well but are also easy to work with.

    Cotton or linen threads are often the preferred choice for bobbin lace. Cotton is known for its softness and pleasant touch, while linen is valued for its strength and durability. These natural materials offer a balanced combination of delicacy and stiffness, which is ideal for bobbin lace.

    In our range, you will find a wide selection of threads for bobbin lace in various finenesses, finishes, and colors. Choosing the right color of threads contributes to the aesthetic impression and completes the overall look of bobbin lace.

  • Crochet - knitting

    Quality yarn for crochet and knitting

  • Tatting

    Quality threads and yarns on tatting lace

  • Scrubbing - macrame

    Yarn suitable for scrubbing - macrame

  • Other handicrafts

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