We offer various small components for your creative work. These components are essential for anyone who wants to pursue creative pursuits such as jewelry making, crocheting, knitting, embroidery, and more. There are many different kinds of creative supplies and tools you can use, and the choice depends on the specific activity you want to do. We continue to expand our assortment. We always include products and materials that we have tried and tested, that we ourselves know well and that we use ourselves. We first try to find Czech manufacturers, and only then do we look for manufacturers abroad. However, this places very high demands on us.


  • Ends and brakes
  • Eyes and snouts
  • Other
  • Switching on

    Clasp for jewelry made of steel

    we offer quality stainless steel components. With us you will find:

    • Closure on earrings
    • Brooch fastening
    • Clasps for necklaces and bracelets / carabiners
    • Another turn on.

    Gradually, we continue to expand our assortment with other components.

  • Rings - Buckles (buckle)


    • they are a basic shape used in many different areas, including jewelry making. The rings are used as fasteners, decorations or as a base / suspension for other elements.

    Buckles (clamps)

    • the shell is used instead of the ring as a hinge for other elements of the jewelry. We use the shell where we need the hinge to be strong and the element to move. That's why we use a shell in a necklace to connect a decorative element with a chain or string.

    Gradually, we continue to expand our assortment with other components.

  • Zippers

    A zipper is a device used to join two parts together. It consists of three parts - a slider and two toothed belts.

    Possible use of zippers for fastening:

    • Clothes
    • Suitcases, backpacks and bags
    • Sports equipment

    Advantages of zippers:

    • Zips are easy to use and reliable.
    • The zippers are solid.
    • Zippers can be used to create a tight connection.

    Disadvantages of zippers:

    • Zippers can be expensive.
    • Zippers can be sensitive to damage.

    The zippers are easy to use and reliable, providing a strong and durable connection.

  • Chains and cords

    Elegant and practical chains and cords for stringing and wearing pendants. High-quality stainless steel components suitable for sensitive skin are used for chains and cord ends.

  • Metal beds

    We offer beds for making your own keychain and pendant. You will find here both beds for creating pendants and key chains, and can be supplemented with top cover slides, both glass and transparent self-adhesive PET material.

    You can choose assembled creative sets with instructions, glue and a picture in our creative sets Creative set-pendants |

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