At this time, we only use the basic - technical cookies necessary for the operation of the site.

What cookies are and what they do

Our website uses cookies to customize the content of the website. Cookies are small amounts of data that are stored in your browser during a visit to the website. When you revisit the site, this data is sent by the browser back to the site, which processes it. This allows the site to distinguish individual users without the need for their direct identification. This makes it easier for users to use the site without the risk of misuse of personal data.

For example, they are used to:

Remember customer credentials so that they do not have to enter them all the time. again; setting the correct functionality of the website, eg according to information about the default browser language setting, device type or user screen resolution; making the use of the website more pleasant, eg by storing the contents of the shopping cart throughout the visit; individual tailoring product offerings and advertising messages to a specific user, such as not displaying the same ad for one user or bothering with ads for goods they are not interested in; analyzing site traffic and site features, allowing us to customize the look and site features to your requirements and preferences.

What cookies do we use

In terms of durability, cookies can be divided into two basic types: session cookies (short-term), which are stored in your browser only while the browser is open, and persistent cookies (long-term), which remain in The browser can be saved even after it is closed.

Cookies can be divided according to their function into:

essential, which are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Thanks to these cookies, for example, the user remains logged in for the entire period of browsing the site; performance, which allows anonymous collection of information about which pages of our website the user browses, what content interested him or which he saw; functional, which are designed to store the user´s choices and prevent, for example, offering services that the user has not shown interest; advertising, which allow you to customize advertising messages to the user.

Cookies can be set in your web browser settings .

By default, most browsers automatically use and process cookies.

You can use your browser to refuse the use of cookies or to set the use of only some.

Information on the use of cookies and their settings can be found on the support pages of individual browsers:

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