Bobbin Lace

When creating bobbin lace, fine and evenly balanced threads are often used, primarily made from natural materials. These threads are thin yet strong enough to allow the creation of delicate and intricate patterns. Since bobbin lace involves complex techniques and details, it is important to choose high-quality threads that not only hold their shape well but are also easy to work with.

Cotton or linen threads are often the preferred choice for bobbin lace. Cotton is known for its softness and pleasant touch, while linen is valued for its strength and durability. These natural materials offer a balanced combination of delicacy and stiffness, which is ideal for bobbin lace.

In our range, you will find a wide selection of threads for bobbin lace in various finenesses, finishes, and colors. Choosing the right color of threads contributes to the aesthetic impression and completes the overall look of bobbin lace.

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