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Linen thread smoothed


High-quality buttoned 100% linen thread in strength NeL 39.7/3 (42 tex x3 - approx. 0.3 mm) for hand and machine sewing, beaded lace and other handicrafts

Colour: White

product description

  • Threads made of 100% linen, strength NeL 39.7/3 (42 tex x3 - approx. 0.3 mm) with a winding of 50 m.
  • Thread wound in the form of a ball with a diameter of approx. 4 cm. The ball is placed in a plastic case with a hole for passing the thread through. The plastic case protects the thread not only from dirt, but also from the effects of light, which increases its service life.
  • Button threads are modified by a polishing (smoothing) process, which consists in wetting the yarn in a special hardening agent and subsequent polishing. The result is a smooth, strong and taut linen thread.
  • Advantages of linen threads: high strength, low stretchability, high gloss and resistance to abrasion. More resistant than cotton threads to heat, light and weather.
  • These linen threads are stronger but still remain softer than regular linen threads. Ideal for both hand and machine sewing, they ensure high durability.
  • Also suitable for bobbin lace and other household work.


Washing: 60°C - soap-based detergents are most suitable
Whitening: NO
Tumble drying: NO
Ironing: the highest degree
Chemical cleaning: NO

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50 m
Marking - LINEN
NeL 39.7/# -