Polyesterová nit melírovaná (ombré)
  • Polyesterová nit melírovaná (ombré)
  • Polyesterová nit melírovaná (ombré)

Melange Polyester Thread (Ombré)


Versatile and high-quality multicolor polyester threads 40S/2 for both hand and machine sewing, with a length of 2700 m.

Colour: PM01
Variant: 40S / 2

Product Description

Multicolor polyester threads 40S/2 are high-quality threads suitable for both hand and machine sewing. They are ideal for garment production, especially in children´s and women´s wear, thanks to their durability and strength. These threads are also a great choice for patchwork sandwiches, decorative stitching, fashion embroidery, and embroidery on delicate fabrics.

With multicolor polyester threads 40S/2, you can create beautiful and vibrant patterns and colors. They are perfect for creating monograms, labels, promotional items, and decorative details on clothing. Moreover, due to their durability and high-quality construction, they are suitable for sports clothing, casual wear, workwear, denim clothing, leather clothing, and more.

Thanks to their high-quality construction and durability, multicolor polyester threads 40S/2 provide a strong and resistant seam that can withstand demanding use. They are suitable for both hand and machine sewing, allowing you to achieve professional results.

In our range, you will find multicolor polyester threads 40S/2 in various color combinations, allowing you to express your creativity and create unique projects.

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  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Thread diameter: approx. 0.25 mm
  • Length: 3000 yards / 2740 m

Care Instructions

Washing: 60 °C
Bleaching: NO
Tumble drying: Dry on a regular cycle
Ironing: Medium heat
Dry cleaning: Professional dry cleaning with perchloroethylene or hydrocarbon solvents

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Data sheet

1300 m
Marking - Others
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