Lněné nitě-Nel 50/2
  • Lněné nitě-Nel 50/2
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  • Lněné nitě-Nel 50/2

Linen thread - 50/2


Quality 100% linen thread from the Czech company Barkonie hundred strength Nel 50/2 (33 tex x2) for hand sewing, lace and other handwork.

Colour: L01

product description

  • Threads from 100% linen, strength 33x2 tex.
  • Advantages of linen threads: high strength, low stretchability, high gloss and resistance to abrasion. More resistant than cotton threads to heat, light and weather.
  • Thickness and resistance suitable for sewing heavier materials.
  • These linen threads are softer. Ideal for manual sewing of heavier materials (approx. from 220 g/m2), they ensure high durability of stitches.
  • Also suitable for quilting, sewing on buttons, sewing holes, sewing heavy clothing and household work.
  • We recommend them for sewing historical costumes for authenticity. Linen threads were used until the 19th century, after which they were replaced by cotton threads.


Rule Recommendation
Washing: 60°C - soap-based detergents are most suitable
Whitening: NO
Tumble drying: NO
Ironing: the highest degree
Chemical cleaning: NO

Manufacturer: Barkonie s.r.o

For the possibility of precise shading, we offer up to 94 color shades, more here BAREVNICE

Threads and their TEX marking

33 Items

Data sheet

200 m
Marking - LINEN
NeL 50/# -

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