Cordy macrame 2.5 mm / 160 m - cord made of recycled cotton |
  • Cordy macrame 2.5 mm / 160 m - cord made of recycled cotton |
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Cordy macrame 2.5 mm


Cotton cord with a diameter of 2.5 mm made of recycled cotton with a winding of 250 g (approx. 160 m) is ideal for the macrame technique.

Colour: V_8086

product description

Cotton cord with a diameter of 2.5 mm is ideal for the macrame technique and is made from recycled cotton. Each spool contains 250 g of material, which represents a length of line of around 160 meters.

This cord is made from recycled cotton, which is a great way to use the material and contribute to environmental sustainability. Recycled cotton is obtained from waste textiles and processed into a new product, which reduces the consumption of raw materials and the amount of waste.

Recycled cotton cord is easy to process and has a pleasant texture. It is stiff enough to hold its shape, yet flexible enough to create a variety of knots and patterns. It's also fine enough to mesh easily and create flowing lines in your macrame work. The advantage of using cotton cord is its natural and soft feel. Cotton is pleasant to the touch and easy to handle.

With a long length of 160 meters, this spool provides enough material for a variety of projects. You can create curtains, hanging planters, wall decorations, bracelets and other decorative and functional items. Creativity is limitless with this cotton cord.

This cotton cord is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your project. You can choose neutral tones for a natural and elegant look or bolder and more vibrant colors for a bold and modern look.

With 2.5mm cotton cord made from recycled cotton, you will not only have a beautiful look in your macramé projects, but also contribute to sustainability and environmental protection.


Washing: Hand wash
Whitening: NO
Tumble drying: NO
Ironing: The lowest grade
Chemical cleaning: NO
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160 m / 250 g
Marking - COTTON
2.5 mm