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  • Pony Needles - Strong metal needles with a large eye | Jimot.cz

Needles with a large eye black and white


Needles with a large eye and blunt tip suitable for working with thick thread, yarn or wool. Needle length 57 and 50 mm.


product description

Pony needles are strong, blunt needles with a large golden eye, designed for threading thick woolen thread, sewing precious fabrics, thick fabrics and knits. The set contains 2 needles of sizes 14 and 17.

These needles are ideal for working with thick materials and threads. Thanks to their strength and blunt tip, they easily penetrate thick fabrics. The large gold eye of the needle makes it easy to thread thick threads, which is especially important when working with thick materials.

The Pony Needle Set is a practical accessory for any seamstress, knitter or crafter. With these needles, you'll have the right tool for handling thick materials and ensuring precise and firm sewing.


Quantity per pack: 2

Size: 17 14
Length: 50 mm 57 mm
Power max.: 2.3 mm 3 mm
Ear size (inner) approx.: 1 x 10 mm 1.1x13 mm
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A common magnetic metal

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