These jewels are made from natural materials. The specific method of production using the so-called "frivolity lace" technique gives them an exclusive lace appearance and guarantees them a very high shape and color stability, even after contact with water. Even so, we do not recommend bathing or showering with this jewelry. These jewels are light and very comfortable to wear.

Steel components are standardly used for jewelry, unless otherwise stated directly on the product. In order to reduce the allergic reaction, it is possible to add anti-allergic metal components to the jewelry.

When using frivolous jewelry, it can get dirty. However, you do not need to worry about this and they can be cleaned in the same way as any cotton parts of clothing:

  • small dirt can be cleaned with a damp cloth and then left to dry,

  • in case of greater contamination, the product can be washed by hand and then possibly starched (it is also possible to use starch in a spray),

  • if necessary, we can iron the product with an iron, iron over a cotton cloth to prevent damage to the surface of the iron. )

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Roman Schmock