Suitable sewing threads

Do you sew by machine or by hand? You can buy cotton and polyester threads in our JIMOT.CZ e-shop.


From cotton, we recommend threads made from high-quality Egyptian long-staple cotton for sewing machines for ordinary sewing:

If you are sewing with e.g. thinner leather, denim, or if you want to highlight a stitch, then we recommend cotton shoe thread polished in strength 30 - 100 m coils , where you can choose from up to 53 color shades. We have only 3 colors in the larger coils - white, beige/natural and black 30 - coil 100 m . This thread is very strong and like wax, so it slides easily.


You can also find polyester threads in small and large coils in mottled colors, suitable for decorative embroidery with an ordinary basic sewing stitch. So you can easily conjure up an ornament in the easiest way on a simple ordinary sewing machine with basic stitches Polyester thread


If you choose a large spool - we recommend purchasing a simple stand for a large spool (coil), which you can easily fold and just place on the table next to the sewing machine as an extended arm THREAD STAND .


If you need to hand sew e.g. period clothing - we recommend trying our linen threads - also of different strengths and in different colors LEN