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Cloak laces - lace lace


The wooden mallets with a protective cover for the mallet lace are made of quality wood, designed to offer sufficient thread protection while providing comfortable and precise work

Size: Střední

product description

When making lace, wooden mallets are an essential tool for creating intricate patterns and details. Our wooden mallets are made from quality wood, very carefully machined and designed to offer sufficient thread protection and provide optimal comfort and control while working.

The protective cover, in addition to protecting the thread from contamination, also adds additional comfort when handling the mallets. Thanks to its surface treatment, you have a firm and comfortable grip that ensures precision and control over every movement. This allows you to fully focus on your art while creating lace and creating beautiful and detailed designs.

With our wooden mallets with a protective cover for lace mallets, you will not only have a great tool that allows you to create unique pieces, but also guaranteed comfort and protection. Get inspired and develop your creativity with our quality wooden lace sticks.


Sold by individual pieces

Piece Width / diameter
Medium 121 mm 15 mm
Small 113 mm 10 mm
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