Black plastic eyes with pull-out lock |
  • Black plastic eyes with pull-out lock |

Eyes black with fuse


Black plastic eyes to complete handmade toys and decorations with a plastic lock against pulling out.

Size: 6 mm

product description

Plastic eyes are a great accessory to complete handmade toys. These eyes are made of solid plastic and you will find one pair of eyes and two fuses in the package. With the help of these eyes, you can give your toys, teddy bears and other decorations a more lively look.

To attach the eyes, they need to be carefully fixed before filling the product with fleece. This will ensure that the eyes stay in place and add a more realistic look to the toy or decoration.

Plastic eyes are practical and easy to use, making them a popular choice among craft toy makers. They add personality and appeal to your products, whether you're creating plush toys, amigurumi characters or other handmade pieces, and it's up to you which size you choose.

Be creative and make your own unique toys with plastic eyes that will impress everyone.


  • Material: plastic
  • Size : 6 (6x13) / 8 (8x13) / 10 (10x14) / 12 (12x15) / 14 (14x15)

Size: eyelet diameter x length with shaft [mm]

How to use

In more detail here: Eyelets with safety instructions |

Eyes for toys

First, we choose the right size of the eyes, we check if they are the same, if we have suitable pads.

Eyes for toys

Then we take the hook and pierce through the chosen place where we want the eyes. Then insert the eyes into the marked holes. We will carefully check that they are at the correct height.

Eyes for toys

On the left, the stopper is bumped so that the bulge faces outwards. We apply this method to eyes of a larger diameter and where there is a longer stem. For eyes of smaller diameters and where the stem is shorter, I recommend putting the securing ring on in reverse, as shown in the right part of the picture.

Eyes for toys

If everything is in order, we secure the eyes with a plug from the reverse side. We will carefully test by touch whether the plugs are holding firmly and whether they are not loosening. If everything is in order - the eyes are firmly secured, we are done!

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