BRUMLA teddy bear CZ

Instructions for crocheted teddy bear BRUMLA


Proven simple tutorial for a crocheted Brumlu teddy bear

More inspiration also here: Facebook - gallery

The teddy bear is large enough for the child to comfortably store their pajamas in the bag and not have to struggle with a lack of space. If we choose a colored yarn - that's how colors are learned. It is soft to cuddle - pleasant to the touch. Treasures can be stored in the bag. At the same time, the teddy bear is a great friend as a toy.


  • 52 cm long and 21 cm wide
  • the drawstring is 80 cm long

We will need

  • Jeans: St. brown
  • Jeans Crazy - highlights
  • VELVET HIMALAYA, or Himalaya Dolphin Baby = body - in the color of your choice - I used a darker grass green

Next we need:

  • I crochet jeans with hook no. 2 and VELVET with hook no. 5.5
  • eyes with a diameter of 12 mm, embroidery black thread / (eyes can be replaced - sew closed eyes)
  • a cord with a length of approx. 80 cm + a brake for easier pulling (the brake can be replaced by tying a bow)
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