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  • Tulip big acrylic yarn for hats and other accessories | Jimot.cz

TULIP big crochet yarn


Fine acrylic yarn with anti-pilling treatment 100% Acrylic (anti-pilling) / 100g ball - approx. 72m

Colour: V_4019

product description

Our acrylic yarn with an anti-pilling treatment is the ideal choice for your handicrafts. Thanks to this special treatment, which prevents pilling during washing, you can look forward to a long-lasting beautiful appearance and color stability of your creations. The yarn has a subtle sheen that gives your products an elegant and sophisticated look.

One of the biggest advantages of our yarn is its pleasant touch. It is so soft and supple that it is suitable for everyday wear and you can wear it almost all year round. Thanks to its composition of 100% acrylic, the yarn is light, breathable and easy to wear. In addition, it is easy to maintain because you can wash it in the washing machine without worrying about pilling.

The yarn is packed in a 100g ball, which means you have enough material. Size 7-9 needles are ideal for working with this yarn, whether crocheting or knitting.

Get inspired and create beautiful and durable pieces that will serve you for a long time with our soft acrylic yarn with an anti-pilling treatment.


  • Material: 100% Acrylic
  • Thread diameter: 4 mm
  • Bobbin: 100 g / 72 m
  • Needle/hook: 7-9


Washing: 30°C
Whitening: NO
Tumble drying: NO
Drying: Dry wet laid flat
Ironing: NO
Chemical cleaning: Professional cleaning in perchlorethylene or hydrocarbons

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72 m / 100 g