Official thread marking "Ttex"

The official thread designation is "Ttex" and its abbreviation is " tex " is referred to in the textile industry for yarn fineness. The first number indicates how many grams weigh 1 km of single thread. The next numbers indicate how many simple threads and how the resulting thread is woven. It follows that the higher the first number, the stronger the base thread (the greater the weight of the thread per km).


Linen Thread 33 tex x2x8 - the base is linen thread whose 1 km weighs 33g. The resulting thread is spun from two basic threads, which are further spun from 8 of these pairs. After unraveling, you will find that this thread is spun from a total of 16 basic threads 33 tex.

Image: Linen thread 33 tex x2x8 - (one pair is untied for example)

LEN 33 tex x2x8