The fine bobbin lace, picture - Madonna with baby

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The bobbin lace handmade from finest white and gold cotton threads. The Madonna and baby are in mount on a dark background in a dark frame.

More info

.. 525 x 425 mm
Bobbin lace
.. 290 x 197 mm

.. Black
Bobbin lace
.. White
.. Gold

Materials utilised
.. Fibreboard
.. Glass
Bobbin lace
.. Cotton threads

Production method
.. Bobbin lace

.. Head

Weight [g]
.. 2100

.. Decoration

The delicately handcrafted bobbin lace is framed, as it is always shown in the photograph. If you have an interest, we offer frames in different colors. It is also possible sent to you only bobbin lace without the frame. You can buy An own frame which you want to suit into your interior.

Data sheet

Material Cotton
Frame color Black
Frame size 43 x 53 cm
Production method Bobbin lace
Motive/face Madona
Type Decoration

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