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Classic handmade crochet lace (mat), beige colour, set in a simple and lightweight frame covered with a durable transparent film. This retro design brings us to our homes remarkable revival of the memory of our grandmothers, but modern and surprisingly captivating design.

More info

.. 340 x 430 x 12 mm
Bobbin lace
.. Diameter .. 260 mm

.. Green
.. Wine Red
Bobbin lace
.. Beige

Materials utilised
.. Cotton threads
.. Fibreboard, Foil

Production method
.. Crochet lace

.. Round

.. Decoration

Weight [g]
.. 430

The delicately handcrafted crochet lace is framed, as it is always shown in the photograph. If you have an interest, we offer frames in different colors. It is also possible sent to you only crochet lace without the frame. You can buy An own frame which you want to suit into your interior.

Data sheet

Color White
Size 30 - 50 cm
Frame color White
Frame size 34 x 43 cm
Production method Crochet lace
Motive/face Round
Type Decoration

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