Simple lace necklaces / pendant

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Handmade necklaces/pendant is made of a tatting lace. This proven technology production guarantees to jewelry very high dimensional stability and ease of maintenance.

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.. Length .. ca 45 cm
.. Bobbin lace .. 60 x 25 mm

.. White

Materials utilised
.. Cotton threads
.. Steel jewelry component

Production method
.. Tatting

Weight [g]
.. 2

.. Tree

These jewelries are made by handmade from natural materials and their specific method is called „tatting lace“. This production method gives them an exclusive lacy appearance and provides them a very high dimensional and color stability, even after wetting. But you do not swim or have a shower with them. They are very lightweight and very comfortable for wearing.

Data sheet

Color White
Material Běžný šperkařský
Metal color Silver
Size 5 - 6 cm
Production method Tatting lace
Motive/face Tree
Type Lace - pendant

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